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“Design is not what it looks like and feels like, design is how it works”

Steve Jobs

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We design exquisite and comfortable interiors working primarily in Toronto and GTA. Projects that range from small spaces to large renovation and refurbishments.



  • Each project begins with a free of charge initial consultation with the client at the property. It may consist of gathering measurements, acquiring photos of your space for your project.
  • After initial consultation a Design Concept Board is created giving you the look for your project. It will include paint colors, wall and window treatments along with options for fabrics and finishes and an overall look for your space. This is an opportunity to discuss the project in detail and learn about the client style and personality, preferences and requirements.
  • A second meeting will be scheduled to present and discuss your Design Concept Boards. After a discussion or meeting we produce a written proposal which outlines the design scope of the entire interior design project and provisional sums.


  • Each home staging project starts a free of charge initial consultation at the client property. We identify the main areas of your property that need attention to maximize the appeal of your home. It may consist of gathering measurements, acquiring photos of your space for your project.
  • After first consultation we prepare an Action Plan with staging options for each room including detailed furniture placement, minor repairs and accessories suggestions. It may include color consultation if needed.
  • We provide following services: Vacant Home and Condo Staging, Occupied Home and Condo staging as well as Home and Condo Redecorating.
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Let’s create
something together!